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Mother's Day Flower Gift Guide 2022

17 Apr 2022

When is Mother's Day, you ask? Well, it's sooner than you think! In Singapore, Mother's Day lands on the second Sunday of May, so do the math and you'll realise Mother's Day is quickly approaching!

Some common gifts to buy for the most important woman in our life include bags, jewellery, massage chair, a delicious meal, and of course, flowers! If you're not sure what to get your beloved mum and/or your mother figure(s), fret not, for we've prepared this gift guide especially for you! Take inspiration from our list of gifts below and you'll be well on your way to make that special 'her' happy!

(P.S. All gifts below can be found in our Mother's Day Collection!)

1. Preserved Flower Bouquets

Pink Preserved Flower Bouquet

A classic gift for Mother's Day is none other than flower bouquets. It's hard to go wrong with this especially if you know the lady you're giving it to is a fan of flowers!

But wait! We'll do you one better - preserved flower bouquets! Preserved flower bouquets are made up of flowers and leaves that were once fresh and then preserved when they were at their best condition. This means that the preserved flower bouquet you give your mum will look as vibrant as fresh flowers and for a much longer time! (Preserved flowers can last for a year and even more when placed in a proper environment!)

Get the heroine in your life a preserved flower bouquet now and say goodbye to throwing flowers away after a mere few days of display~

2. Preserved Flower Arrangements

Preserved Flower Arrangement

If a bouquet isn't quite up your mum's alley, consider getting her a preserved flower arrangement instead! This way, she still receives flowers AND she can decorate the house with it. Our preserved flower arrangements all come with a matching vase so there's no need for you or her to search around for one!

As with preserved flower bouquets, these arrangements also last for a year or more, and so, your gift will be a lasting decor in the house that adds colour to the room!

3. Preserved Flower Domes

Pink and purple preserved flower domes

A unique twist to the previous two options will be preserved flower domes! Also using preserved flowers, these domes feature the flowers encased in a glass dome like those you see in fairy tales. This makes domes an interesting presentation of flowers compared to the traditional bouquets and vases.

With the glass dome holding the flowers and leaves inside, florists are also able to arrange the plants in ways that bouquets and vases will not be able to accommodate. The transparent and light-reflecting glass also adds a final touch to the preserved flowers in an aesthetically pleasing way! So if your mum loves new and modern things, get a preserved flower dome for her!

4. Preserved Bloom Boxes

Preserved bloom box

And finally, we introduce preserved bloom boxes! Like all the previous options, these bloom boxes feature preserved flowers as their centrepiece as well. What's different is, as usual, the presentation style of the flowers and leaves. As the name suggests, for preserved bloom boxes, the plants are arranged in a box - commonly circular or rectangular boxes. Some florists might have the flowers crowding out of the box (as in the picture above) while some boxes will be able to have the lids closed. Either way, preserved bloom boxes are another special way that your mum will be able to brighten up the room with!

And if you're feeling fancy and want to pamper your mum even more, why not get some add-ons that you can include in your gift on top of flowers? You won't go wrong with a nutritious and nourishing bird's nest or every woman's favourite - cosmetics! (Both of which can be found in our online store as add-ons to flowers!)

With this, we leave you four types of flower arrangement style that you can choose from to surprise your mum on Mother's Day with!


Ana Hana

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