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What Kind of Flower Bouquet Should You Buy as a Graduation Gift?

08 Feb 2022

Graduation season is coming soon and that means those of us who know somebody in Polytechnics or Universities (or we are in Poly or Uni ourselves) are gonna be invited to convocation ceremonies! Convocation ceremonies are a great way to reunite, catch up, and chat with someone... until you realise you went there empty-handed and without a gift! (Trust me, I know all about how awkward that will be. I totally forgot about bringing a gift to my best friend's Poly graduation ceremony. I know, I know, I'm a bad 'best friend', so let's make sure you are not!)

So, what could be a more staple graduation gift than flowers? In almost every photo taken of a graduating student at a convocation ceremony, they're holding a bouquet - or even bouquets - of flowers. Graduation flowers have become a sort-of tradition and the reason is simple - because flowers hold meanings and by gifting them, you can convey a special message to the person graduating. Also, it's just simply because anybody would be happy to receive flowers!

And even though some convocation ceremonies were moved online last year and might also be online this year, you can still send flowers over to congratulate and show that you care! So let's get on with the flower bouquets that you can buy for your friend(s), partner(s) or child(ren)!

1. Earth-Toned Bouquet - For the Gentle and Quiet

Celine Preserved Flower Bouquet

First up, we have bouquets of earthy colours - where the flowers and foliage are mainly of green, brown and cream colours. Earth-toned bouquets are pleasant to the eyes and give off a soft and gentle feel. They're not the most attention-grabbing, which makes them perfect for somebody who has a shy demeanour. If the one you're buying graduation flowers for is quiet and sweet-tempered, go for bouquets with earth tones! However, if you think a bouquet of entirely earthy colours will be too dull, you can add a few flowers of a totally different colour palette into the bouquet like the Celine Preserved Flower Bouquet above to give it a pop of colour too!

2. Blue-Toned Bouquet - For the Cool and Reliable

Royal Sapphire Preserved Bouquet

If the person you're buying graduation flowers for is mysterious and cool, or if they're always calm and reliable, look no further than bouquets of cool-coloured flowers and foliage! The colour blue is also associated with serenity and power, which makes bouquets with this colour perfect for somebody who doesn't talk much but is charismatic. Blue also symbolises wisdom, so there's no better way to express your appreciation for their intelligence than getting them a blue-toned bouquet!

3. Yellow-Toned Bouquet - For the Bright and Cheery

Suezy Cotton

Now we look at bouquets for somebody who has an entirely different kind of vibe! If the recipient of your graduation gift is cheerful, positive and all in all a joy to be around, you can get them a bouquet of flowers and foliage with mainly yellow hues to represent their radiant personality! Bouquets like this are bright-coloured and attention-catching, suiting well with somebody with an attractive personality. Let them know they're the sunshine in your life by gifting them a yellow-toned bouquet!

4. Red-Toned Bouquet - For the Passionate and Courageous

Annette Preserved Flower Bouquet

A bouquet with a red theme is a suitable gift to that one passionate person! It doesn't matter what they're passionate about - whether it's studying, their major(s), their CCA(s), or their hobbies - a red-toned bouquet is the right one for them! Red is a striking and stimulating colour, and it is almost always associated with passion, love and courage. So a red-toned bouquet is best gifted to somebody who has an abundance of these in life!

5. Rainbow Bouquet - For Anybody and Everybody

Rainbow Baby's Breath

Our next and final entry for graduation flower bouquets is perhaps a little different from the previous four. It's not centered on a particular colour palette. Rather, it involves all of them! This is for those who can't make up their mind which colour theme to settle on, or for those whose recipient doesn't fit into any one personality type. For a recipient who's ever-changing, a bouquet of colourful flowers is bound to impress! It's a bonus that the many colours of the rainbow can also represent the many qualities a student gains during their school years. Orange for the determination towards completing their schooling, green for the growth they experience in school, violet for the creativity that is honed and enhanced while completing projects! So, if you're not sure which flower bouquet to buy for your recipient, why not buy a rainbow one?

You can also check out other flower arrangement styles that your recipient might be interested in here.

Aside from flower bouquets as a gift, consider adding on a card so that you can pen down a personal message to congratulate them on graduating. You can even stand out from the rest by gifting a scented candle or a diffuser too!

Hope that this article was of help to you by being an inspiration for the kinds of flower bouquet you can get for your graduating friend(s), partner(s) or child(ren)! Maybe this article has even served as a reminder to you to buy flowers for them (I sure wish I had a reminder back then too)!

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us via our website, email, Instagram (@anahanaflower) or via Whatsapp at +65 98569650. We're based in Singapore but can also deliver non-living items overseas. We also do same-day deliveries locally.

Ana Hana

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