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Unusual and Interesting Holidays 2022

06 May 2022

Ever heard of National Unicorn Day? Brother's Day? What about National Boss Day? No? If you have never heard of these uncommon holidays, now you will! This blog will be all about holidays that aren't widely celebrated or just oddly specific! So buckle up and let's see if there's a holiday (or two) that you just might want to celebrate👀

1. National Unicorn Day

Taking place on 9th April every year, National Unicorn Day is all about celebrating the mythical and majestic creature with a horn on its forehead. Often appearing in fantasy works, unicorns represent magic, hope and purity. Unicorns are also associated with the colours of a rainbow! Because these creatures appear so frequently in stories, they've become widely beloved. So if you're feeling magical and want to celebrate this day for fun, consider getting a unicorn or rainbow-themed gift!


Preserved flower domes with unicorns


2. Administrative Professionals Day

AKA Secretaries Day or Admin Day, this day falls on 21st April. This day is dedicated to administrative support professionals and is usually only observed in western countries. However, if the administrative personnel in your company has been working hard and you'd like to show your appreciation for them, why not get them a flower arrangement to decorate their work desk with? A preserved flower dome would not only look good and brighten up their day, it would also last for as long as they are working (and maybe even longer)!

Preserved flower dome - blue carnation and roses


3. Brother's Day

You've heard of Mother's Day and Father's Day. Now we'd like to introduce you to Brother's Day. So for those who have a brother, read on!

Brother's Day falls on 24th May, and though your brother may have been teasing you just yesterday or maybe even making you annoyed, mark this day down anyway! Because no matter how much you quarrel, your brother loves you (even if they may not admit it)! So get a little something for him and call truce while you're at it😉 We'd recommend flowers (if he happens to like them, good for him! And if not, good for you for managing to play a pleasant prank on him!) and perhaps a bottle of gin.

Preserved flowers with a bottle of gin

4. National Boss Day

Next up is the day where you celebrate the person who noticed your talent and skillset and who decided to give you an opportunity to let them shine - your boss! National Boss Day falls on 16 October, so for those who wish to express their gratitude, note the date down! Not sure what to get for the person who is (definitely) wealthier than you? Well, look no further than a gift that has the auspicious meaning of 'waving in fortune' - Maneki Neko! (A gift that can 'help' them get even wealthier will NOT go wrong, trust us😏)

Preserved flower dome with maneki neko


And that's all for our list of unusual and interesting holidays! But do keep a lookout because we'll be adding more of such special days to this blog as they come~


Ana Hana

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