Gift Bundles of Joy

Gift sets for any occasion, hand picked by our curators! You can read more about our Gift Bundles of Joy here.

Gifts for newborn

To bring joy to the recipient. We have curated a collection of gifts for newborns that are sure to capture their imagination and bring smiles all around! From cuddly toys, rattles and teethers, to activity jumpers and walkers – there’s something special for every little one.

Gifts for toddlers

Toddlers are curious creatures who love exploring the world around them with enthusiasm! Our gift sets for toddlers will help fuel their curiosity with puzzles, building blocks and other developmental toys that encourage problem solving skills and creativity. With our selection of toddler-friendly items, you can be sure your giftee will be entertained in no time!

Newborn Baby Gift Set

Gift giving is a tradition that dates back to ancient times, and it has taken on many forms over the centuries. Today, it can often be seen as an act of exchanging material items with loved ones or special occasions. But if we look deeper into the meaning behind gift giving, its purpose is more than just to show appreciation or love for someone. For example, Sweet Dreams Newborn Baby Gift Sets are not just beautiful and thoughtful collections of items for expecting mothers; they are symbolic offerings meant to create a positive atmosphere for newborn babies, both physically and psychologically. The same goes for 100 Days Newborn Baby Gift Sets - these items provide a sense of security, safety and protection during this crucial period of growth in an infant's life. These thoughtful gifts remind us that the true purpose of gift-giving lies much deeper than simply showing appreciation - it is about taking care of one another and wishing them well going forward.

Gift Sets for Kids

Kids love opening gifts! Our Gift Sets for Kids will bring plenty of smiles and joy this holiday season. Choose from a variety of different themes, such as science, sports and nature. Each gift set is filled with age-appropriate toys, books and games that encourage learning and exploration.

Gift giving has been a part of human culture for centuries. It is a way to express love and appreciation to those we hold dear, as well as celebrate special occasions like birthdays or weddings. But there are more benefits to gift-giving than just spreading joy and happiness! Studies have shown that this act of kindness can improve relationships, build trust, and strengthen connections between people. It also helps foster strong social bonds within communities, making it an important tool for cultivating meaningful relationships. Plus, the process of selecting and wrapping gifts can be quite therapeutic in itself – helping us take time out from our busy lives to focus on what really matters.

Gift baskets are a great gift choice for any occasion! They’re thoughtful and easy to customize, allowing the sender the opportunity to create something truly unique and memorable. Plus, they tend to be quite cost effective since they often include multiple items in one package. Gift baskets can also be suited to fit a variety of needs, such as food hampers for those who are sick or struggling financially, spa sets for relaxation, or children’s activity kits – making them an incredibly versatile option when it comes to gift-giving.

No matter the occasion, choosing gifts that bring joy is sure to be appreciated by your recipient. Whether you go with traditional gift items like baby clothes and toys or opt for something more meaningful like a gift basket, it’s important to ensure that the gifts you give are a reflection of your thoughtfulness and love.

Ana Hana Flower has gift set for newborn in Singapore

Celebrating the arrival of your newborn in Singapore can be made special with thoughtful gifts that come with meaning. Whether it’s in the form of a gift set, a keepsake or something useful for mum and baby, there are many gifts ideas out there. From soft toys, to clothing and accessories for baby, you can get tailor-made gift sets that make for unique birthday presents. Apart from gift sets, we have preserved bouquets, flower domes, scented candles and more. Enjoy our same-day delivery service across Singapore.


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