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Bridal shower activity ideas

23 May 2021 0 Comments

Are you looking to plan a bridal shower soon for yourself or a girlfriend? Here are some ideas we have to get you started on planning the party! 

#1 - A vacation or staycation

green palm trees near swimming pool during daytime

With the current situation it might be difficult to travel and go on a vacation so why not do a staycation instead! Whether it's someone's house or a hotel we're sure you'll have a fun (and wild) night together :p 

#2: Painting 

woman painting tree and cliff

If you and your girlfriends just want to chill and relax while doing something not too strenuous, try painting together! Art-jamming is a pretty popular activity now so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a nice cafe to sit down and paint together for the afternoon. 

#3: Baking class

person holding rolling pin

If you and girls are looking for something a little more hands-on to do why not try baking! Not only do you get to eat some delicious bakes after the session but you gain a new skill in the kitchen that will probably last you a lifetime!

#4: Flower arrangement

red flower arrangement on white table

Another calming and relaxing activity to do together. Flower arrangement is actually more intricate than you think! You'd be spoilt for choice with so many types of arrangement techniques and styles to learn from. 

#5: Candle-making

person holding white cream on white and blue floral ceramic plate

Candle-making has been quite the popular activity lately. With so many options to customise your candles from scents to colours to addition of flowers, we're sure you and the girls will have a great time together making scents to call your own!

#6: Pottery

person making clay pot on white round plate

Here's another activity that'll get your hands dirty! While pottery may seem tough at first it may actually be enjoyable once you get the hang of it. Seeing your masterpieces once the pieces are fired up will be well-worth the effort you put in. 

#7: Spa

person holding white round ornament

What better way to rest and relax than a luxurious spa? We're sure the bride and the bridal party deserves a good pampering after all the wedding planning and logistics. It'll be good to loosen the joints before the big day! 

#8: Dinner & drinks

person holding filled drinking glasses

Now while the activity name might sound a little wild, dinner & drinks don't necessarily have to be at a crowded place with lots of people! You can opt for a quieter one that's more spaced out to have a chill night with the girls. That's not to say you shouldn't go wild if you want to :p 

#9: Cocktail class

person holding clear wine glass with white liquid

Before drinking as a bridal party why not make drinks as a bridal party too? A fun way to get pumped up before the night could be learning how to make your very own concoction! Now don't go too crazy with the mixing of the alcohols. 

#10: Pole-dancing

woman in gray platform stilettos

While pole-dancing might have had a reputation of being a dance that was only performed by show girls in clubs, it has actually picked up as a more common activity or even form of exercise for many! A good way to get the heart-pumping and strengthen the entire body, pole-dancing together as a girl gang could induce many falls but laughs at the same time. 

#11: Movie night 

Photo Of Person Holding Remote Control

If you know the bride-to-be has a thing for movies why not treat her to a good movie night! Make it even more fun by doing it at someone's place and making a cosy set-up so everyone can get comfortable through the night. Be sure to prepare lots of snacks and tissues too. 

#12: Soap-making 

Brown and White Book on White Textile

Another fun DIY activity together is soap-making! Get creative with your scents, colours and even shapes at a soap-making workshop. You'll get to leave with a product that'll leave you smelling and feeling great for the next few weeks ;) 

If you need help with creating or brainstorming for your wedding favours feel free to reach out to us. 

We hope your wedding planning goes well and if you ever need help you can DM us on Instagram @anahanawed ♡

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