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Flowers for Qixi Festival (七夕节) - Chinese Valentine's Day

21 Jul 2022

Everybody's heard of Valentine's Day, but have you heard of Chinese Valentine's Day? This romantic day, also known in Mandarin as 七夕节 (Qixi Festival), celebrates the romantic legend of two lovers: Niulang and Zhinü (牛郎织女 Cowherd and Weaver Girl). Niulang and Zhinü were a pair of star-crossed lovers who were separated by the Jade Emperor and were only allowed to meet on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month annually.

In modern times, to celebrate this particular day, Chinese couples all around the world buy presents for each other and some even propose! Common gifts include valentines flowers and accessories like rings and necklaces. As with Valentine's Day, a big bouquet of red roses is the most sought-after gift. However, today, we'll be looking at anything BUT red roses😉😂

(Tip: The bouquets are big which makes them suitable for proposals too!)

1. First Love (初恋) - Pink and White Roses

A bouquet of pink and white roses

Perhaps you might want to consider a bouquet of pink and white roses that looks sweet and can convey a message of love to your loved one just like a bouquet of red roses?

2. Meadow Fairy (草原仙子) - Blue Hydrangeas with Orange and White Roses

A bouquet of blue hydrangeas, orange roses and white roses

Or maybe a bouquet of blue hydrangeas accompanied by roses of soft, pastel colours might suit your loved one more. (Doesn't this bouquet distinctly remind you of a woodland fairy flying around in a meadow, painting a beautiful image for your Qixi date?)

3. Gianna (紫色的高贵) - Purple Roses and Hydrangeas

Gianna - Preserved Flower Bouquet

If your loved one is elegant and mysterious, go for this purple-themed preserved flower bouquet that is as pretty as it is charming!

4. Autumn Romance (秋天之恋) - Orange and Yellow Roses

A bouquet of orange and yellow roses

This bouquet is for those whose loved one is a cozy and warm person, making you feel all fuzzy inside. Or maybe the two of you met in another country where leaves were falling to the ground during the beautiful season of harvest and lovers snuggle up together to stay warm. Either way, Autumn Romance is for that person who reminds you of home.

5. Akira Ferris Wheel Dome Jr (摩天轮的告白) - Love That Comes True


Have you heard of the legend that confessing on a ferris wheel will guarantee you success? Ferris wheels are popular spots for confession, especially when the gondola is at the highest point. If you aren't able to secure a pair of tickets to the amusement park, gift the Akira Ferris Wheel Dome to the love of your life while confessing for added chance of success! Or if the two of you are already a couple, the Akira Ferris Wheel Dome makes for a beautiful Qixi gift as well!

6. Luminous Affection (鲜艳的钟爱) - Purple-Blue Roses and a Variety of Other Flowers

A bouquet of purple-blue roses with a variety of other flowers

A personal favourite of mine, the bright purple-blue roses in Luminous Affection presents a striking and unique sight that's sure to wow! Get this bouquet for your loved one if they love uncommon things that's different from what people typically receive!

With that, you have six options other than red roses to consider getting on Qixi for that special someone who makes you happier than any others🥰 And if you're looking for even more options, take a look at our full Qixi Collection here!

Ana Hana

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