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Chinese New Year Gifts 2023

12 Jan 2023

Every Chinese New Year, family and friends gather to enjoy and celebrate the joy of the occasion. As with every holiday, there is always the tradition of exchanging gifts to show appreciation and love for each other. For Chinese New Year 2023, we have put together a list of thoughtful gift ideas that will help you bring luck and fortune in the coming year! The Year of the Rabbit brings good luck in love and relationships, so consider gifting items that represent these qualities.

The best way to make your friends and family feel special is by giving them something that reflects the year's zodiac animal - a rabbit. Consider gifting items such as porcelain rabbits, rabbit-shaped jewelry, or even stuffed animals. Other great options include symbolic Chinese art pieces like red paintings and calligraphy scrolls.

Special Hamper

Special boxes are also a popular choice for the Chinese New Year. These gift boxes contain traditional items like candy and mandarin oranges, which signify good luck, and practical items such as tea sets or kitchenware. You can also fill hamper boxes with other treats like premium tea, bird's nests, chocolates, and tikoy. Quality items like these will surely bring joy and happiness to the recipient.

Lucky Charms

For more unique gift ideas, consider giving lucky charms. These items often come in figurines or jewelry that feature symbols such as a dragon or phoenix for good luck, a red envelope for money luck, and a fish for abundance. You can also give smaller charms like coins, bells, and bamboo plants to bring good fortune in the coming year.


Flowers and plants

Giving a beautiful potted plant and flowers are also great ways to express your sentiments during the New Year. Red roses, lilies, and peonies signify love and beauty while bamboos represent luck and wealth. A flower dome that comes with a gift box can also be a great idea. A flower subscription plan can also be a great idea if you want to keep sending your loved ones lovely blooms all year round.

A perfect gift idea is a potted plant - it’s a lasting reminder of your friendship that will grow along with its recipient. Plants such as -Chai, Alocasia (elephant ear), Ficus and Bromeliads are some of the popular choices. You can also give a Bonsai tree or an air-purifying plant such as a spider plant or English ivy.


Chinese New Year is a time to express gratitude and care for our loved ones; nothing expresses this better than gifting the perfect present. Aside from traditional items like mandarin oranges, fruits are also popular gifts for Chinese New Year. Apples, pears, lychees, and honeydews symbolize luck and good fortune while dragon fruit and mangosteen are symbols of prosperity.

Gift cards

Gift cards may be small but they can mean so much. They offer the recipient the opportunity to choose something that they truly want, making them a great gift choice for the Chinese New Year. Consider gifting cards from their favorite store or restaurant.


Festive cookies and other sweet treats

Traditional Chinese cookies and snacks are a meaningful way to make your friends and family feel special. Opt for delicious cookies like almond crisps or sesame balls as well as candy-filled boxes, pastries, and cakes. It’s an easy and thoughtful gift that never fails to bring joy! Food also plays an important role in Chinese New Year celebrations, so why not give food gifts to show your appreciation? Traditional snacks such as mooncakes and lotus seeds are always welcome - they’re meaningful symbols of luck and prosperity. You could also opt for beverages

like tea or wine to enjoy with friends and family during the festivities. CNY goodies like cookies, pineapple tarts, and Chinese candies will always delight recipients. A heartfelt gesture and heartfelt wishes can go a long way!

Gift Sets

Gift sets are a great way to give multiple items in one package. Consider giving a gift set of traditional Chinese delicacies, luxury tea or coffee, artisanal snacks, and gourmet jams. Or you can assemble your own selection of gifts that symbolize good luck and fortune such as lucky plants, beautiful porcelain pieces, and festive decorations. Limited edition sets such as these make great gifts that will surely be appreciated. With these gift ideas, you’ll definitely find something special to give your friends and family during this Chinese New Year. Beauty sets make a wellness spa always make a great gift to send your loved ones! If you’re looking for something luxurious and meaningful, we recommend Sulwhasoo Duo Care Set. It's perfect for those looking for an introductory assortment of products from Sulwhasoo, the set includes full size Essential Balancing Water EX and Essential Balancing Emulsion EX, two key products to hydrate and balance the skin at the beginning of your skincare routine.

Organic Tea

For a more health-conscious gift, consider organic tea. Tea is an integral part of Chinese culture and has various benefits including relaxation and improved digestion. When selecting teas, look for ones from reputable tea companies to make sure that it’s made with high-quality ingredients. Organic tea is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generations - they’re healthier options and come in modern packaging making them great gifts! There are all kinds of tea available on the market so you can easily find one that fits your budget and taste.

CNY Gifts Delivery Singapore

Ana Hana Flower and Gift has a range of Chinese New Year gifts perfect for any occasion. We offer free delivery to all locations in Singapore and are also able to customize orders according to your needs. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern for a Chinese new year gift, we can help make your Chinese New Year celebrations extra special. Order online now and let us deliver your thoughtful gifts right to your doorstep! Browse through our collection of beauty gift sets, flower arrangements, potted plants, scented candles and hampers to find the perfect Chinese New Year gifts for your loved ones. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to help make your CNY celebrations even more special and memorable.

Happy Chinese New Year from Ana Hana Flower and Gift! We wish you all luck, health and happiness in the coming year. May this be a wonderful start of great things ahead! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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