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Bouquets for the Seasons

12 Jun 2021

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. For every season of the year, we associate it to certain things - a particular colour(s), a range of temperature, a certain feeling. Every season, the activities and events that are popular would change. From flower viewing to skiing, it's always a loop! Even though here in Singapore we don't have all the seasons (in fact, we only have one), it doesn't stop us from imagining how it would be like living in other seasons.

Four Seasons

Because of the difference in temperature for all seasons, the gifts popular also change too! In summer, perhaps a bottle of sunscreen would be appreciated. While during winter, people would love a pair of gloves. But let's explore a gift that can be gifted no matter the season - flowers! It doesn't matter whether it's spring or autumn, anybody would love receiving a bouquet of flowers. But well, what's better than receiving a bouquet of flowers? Receiving a bouquet of flowers that matches the season you're currently experiencing!

So now, let us take a look at bouquets of flowers for the four seasons!

1. Spring - Colours and Romance

Spring is about all things colourful! From the beautiful sakura trees to the endless lavender fields, spring is definitely also about flowers. Perhaps because spring is associated with flowers, when we think about spring, we also think about romance. This is why the bouquet of flowers for spring is created to express that.


This bouquet of flowers, named 'Haru', is arranged with pink and purple flowers and foliage. Haru is Japanese for 'spring', and these colours make Haru an elegant and romantic bouquet that represents the beautiful springtime!

2. Summer - Grass Fields and Beaches

Many of us associate summer with a hot weather - especially us Singaporeans who only ever have summer and have to suffer from the heat all year long - but summer is also about the grass fields and the beaches! It's about feeling the warm breeze while being surrounded by tall grass and swimming in the cold water under the bright sun.


That's why Natsu, the bouquet for summer, is arranged with green and yellow flowers and foliage. The colours represent the tall grass and the sun respectively, making Natsu a refreshing bouquet that represents the youthful summertime, which is what 'natsu' also means - summer!

3. Autumn - Fall Foliage and Coziness

Maple leaves, hot chocolate by the fireplace, Halloween! These are what we associate autumn with. Autumn is also a breezy season with leaves falling to the ground, making every corner of the street look like a painting. The crunching of the leaves when we step on them is also a uniquely autumn experience!


Because of our association of autumn with maple leaves and Halloween, Aki is thus arranged with red and orange flowers and foliage. These colours give Aki a vibrant and warm feel that represents the cozy autumn, and yes, you guessed it! 'Aki' means autumn!

4. Winter - Snowflakes and Beauty

The coldest season of all - winter! When we think of winter, we picture the snowscape, the snowflakes and the people huddled together dressed in thick clothing. And even though winters may be harsh and unforgivingly cold, they still make a beautiful scenario with mostly blues and whites!


So the bouquet for winter, Fuyu, is also arranged with blue and white flowers and foliage! Just by looking at Fuyu, we can feel the coolness, but it's also a very pretty bouquet. With the blues representing the water that make up the white snow, Fuyu is representative of winter (which is also what 'fuyu' means in Japanese)!

With that, you now have a bouquet of flowers that you can send to your loved one each season! There's no need for you to wreck your brain thinking which gift is suitable for which season anymore😉

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us via our website, email, Instagram (@anahanaflower) or via Whatsapp at +65 98569650. We're based in Singapore but can also deliver non-living items overseas. We also do same-day deliveries locally.

Ana Hana

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