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Unique Wedding Traditions Around the World

26 Sep 2020

Ever wondered what other wedding traditions there are out there? Every culture has very different traditions apart from the main wedding ceremony and we thought it would be interesting to look at those from these few countries! 


South Korea
Did you know a goose would be given to the mother-in-law? You must be wondering, what?! A wild goose at the wedding? Long ago, yes, the groom would present a wild goose to his future mother in law. However in modern times, a wooden goose may be given in place of a wild goose which symbolises fertility and commitment. 

Before the wedding day, the bride’s mother gives her a gold coin to put in her right shoe while her father gives her a silver coin to put in her left shoe. These coins symbolise the parents's wish that the bride will never go without money after being married!

When the freshly married bride and groom leave the village, the father of the bride spits on his daughter's head and chest in order not to jinx their good fortune.

Newlyweds saw a log in half in front of guests to showcase their ability to work together and face the obstacles that may come throughout their marriage. Using a two-handle long saw, the couple works as a team until that log is successfully cut in two, such a literal challenge! 

We find it very interesting to learn about different wedding traditions and even here in Singapore we witness many different weddings very frequently! It is more interesting when we attend or help set-up at mixed-raced weddings! We hope your wedding planning goes well and if you ever need help you can DM us on Instagram @anahanawed! 

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