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Gift ideas for a White Elephant gifts exchange

02 Dec 2020

What’s a Christmas without a fun and exciting White Elephant gift exchange? Things can get really competitive - I mean, the excitement from this activity is all about ‘stealing’. Not having a recipient in mind may be a bit tricky, fret not, we have a couple of gift ideas that can you help get started!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this activity, here’s a quick lowdown:

  1. Each guest brings a wrapped anonymous gift and places it on the table
  2. All guests will be given a random number which indicates the sequence to choose their gifts
  3. Player 1 will select a gift from the table and open it in front of everyone
  4. Player 2 will then have the option to either steal Player 1’s gift OR select a new gift from the table
  5. If Player 1’s gift was stolen, Player 1 can select another gift from the table.
  6. If Player 1’s gift was not stolen, it’s Player 3’s turn. From now onwards, all players can either steal anyone else’s gift OR select a new gift from the table.
  7. This goes on until all gifts are opened!

Selfcare is best care - Pamper Kits

This year has been pretty tough hasn’t it? Most of us have had to make some sort of change in our lifestyle and have gone through a stressful period as well. A pamper kit to truly relax and treat yourself will definitely be a popular choice :P Some gift ideas include vouchers to a luxurious spa appointment or a specially curated pamper gift set. Ana Hana Flower partners up with unique brands to create memorable and thoughtful gift sets to help you with your Christmas shopping, check this out:

Each Mimone Mask Gift set comes with a 7pcs of Mimone Masks. There are even three variations to choose from! Click on the image to find out more.

Practicality is priority - Home Treats

Picking out a gift that doesn’t have a specific recipient in mind may be difficult - but you can never really go wrong with homeware that is practical and thoughtful! Gift ideas include porcelain cups and set of knives.

Here is Ana Hana Flower's Wine Opener Trio Gift Set which may even be useful for the party itself :)

Tis the season of festivity - Christmas-themed

Go above and beyond to further spread the joy and jolly vibes! While everyone is basking in the jolly vibes, and enjoying the fun and games, why not bring along a Christmas-themed item! While gifting a Christmas tree is definitely a fun and cheeky option, Christmas wreaths and Christmas centrepieces which would fit in nicely to any space would be a great gift as well.

Click on the image above to check out our Christmas Centrepiece arrangements :)

It’s all about having fun!

Staying true to the origin of ‘white elephant’ (extravagant, impractical gift that cannot be easily disposed of), have fun with your gift! Here are a few gifts online that could inspire you:

Scratch world map, 90s trivia game, Siracha keychain set

If you've yet to complete your Christmas shopping, do check out our website at anahanaflower.com and browse our gift category.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us via our website, email, Instagram (@anahanaflower) or via Whatsapp at +65 9856 9650. We're based in Singapore but can also deliver non-living items overseas. We also do same-day deliveries locally.

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