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First Date Flowers - Should you?

04 Jun 2019
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Are first date flowers a good idea?
First and fore mostly, it’s essential to take care you don’t put your date under excessive pressure at this early stage of your relationship.
A first date is a chance to become better acquainted more than anything else. It could be better to save such a forthright token of affection until you know each other a little more.
It can still be a sweet gesture if done right.
Fresh flowers can still play a part in the early stages of dating (especially around Valentine’s Day). However, there are a few things you should consider before you do:

    Do not bring a huge bouquet of 50 red roses to your first date. This will surely intimidate your beau.



    If you want to give flowers on your first date try something subtle like a single rose (ideally not red). Alternatively, something vibrant like a few colourful gerberas. Less is often more when it comes to first date flowers. How you give the flowers is just as crucial as what flowers you give.



    Try to inject a little humour or irony into the act if your relationship is still new.


Best flowers to give on a date












With the right flowers and a flourish of romance, you will hopefully be able to win the heart of your one true love.
Let us help you curate your special first date surprise here : https://www.anahanaflower.com/omakase-flowers
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