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Flower 101

Our preserved floral domes & unique domes

13 Mar 2021

Preserved floral domes consist of beautifully arranged preserved flowers in a glass dome which are made to last a lifetime. These unique arrangements in glass domes symbolise everlasting love and are reminiscent of the 'Beauty and the Beast' rose.

They are the perfect gift option for the an upcoming birthday, anniversary or special occasion in your life. What's more these preserved floral domes will never go out of style nor will they wither with time. Brightening someone's day has never been easier!

Check out Ana Hana Flower's wide range of floral domes here: https://anahanaflower.com/collections/preserved-flower-dome

Here are some of the preserved floral domes we carry: 

We have cylindrical domes here which are a classic favourite. Tall and slender, these domes have an elegant touch to them and make for great decor pieces. 

My Only Love - Hana Flower Dome



Akira Ferris Wheel Dome

La Petite Bouquet Dome 


We also have circular domes which are a little more petite and cute usually featuring one large flower in the dome. These make for great desk decor whether it is a bedside table or work desk! 


Haruhi - Forever Love Dome

Other than just flower domes, we also have a range of unique domes featuring unicorns, bears and even ferris wheels! These quirky domes are great for those who don't just want flowers as gifts. 


Bluetooth Flower Dome Speakers


With bountiful options to choose from we're sure you will find the right preserved flower dome or unique dome to get someone as a gift! 

Shop from our Preserved Flower Dome collection today!

Ana Hana 

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