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Flower 101

7 flowers that grow in Singapore

08 May 2021

I'm sure we've seen flowers all around Singapore in our estates, neighbourhoods and parks! But did you know which ones exactly grow naturally in Singapore? In this Flower 101 guide we'll show you some of the flowers that are grown right here in our homeland, Singapore. 

#1: Peonies

As one of the more popular garden flowers in Singapore, peonies are usually sold as cut flowers and used in commercial bouquets by florists. These large flowers have a fragrant scent and are known as the Chinese king of flowers. You can usually find peonies in shades of white, pink and red. 

#2: Lilies

The lily comes from the flowering plant belonging to the Liliaceae. This plant has large flowers that comes in multiple shades like white, orange and pink. It has been said that every shade of lily has a certain meaning. Lilies are also known to be used in traditional Asian medicine.

#3: Hibiscus

Hibiscuses are fairly common in Singapore, you can usually spot them in parks and are bright in colour. Fun fact — hibiscuses are actually a rich source of natural dye which are used in the food industry! Regularly hibiscuses are used for ornamental purposes and as decorative flowers for the home and gardens.


#4: Orchids

Orchids are well-loved not only in Singapore but around the world too! Our national flower the Vanda Miss Joaquim is in a fact a hybrid orchid cultivar. Fun fact —Singapore is the only country in the world to have a hybrid species for a national flower! Orchids are mostly used for decorative purposes in the home, especially during the festive season. They make for great gifts too! 

#5: Roses

Another well-known and well-loved flower by many, the rose! The rose is also known as ‘the Queen of flowers’ because of its sheer elegance and beauty. They come in a wide variety of colours and are sometimes even dyed to be special colours like black or rainbow. They are very popular for use in commercial floristry and also in perfumes! 

#6: Frangipani

Known as the Hawaiian Lei flower and commonly seen in tropical locations like Bali, they are highly scented and are often used for decorative purposes on the table. They come in various colours from deep crimson to pale pink and yellow. 

#7: Jasmine

Another popular flower best known for its scent is the Jasmine. These flowers are usually white or yellow and have been said to originate from the Himalayas in Western China. They are actually commonly grown in gardens and are heavily used in incense, fragrances and perfumes!

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